Saturday, June 15, 2013

an introduction of sorts

I decided to start blogging again. 

Perhaps I can recap all my summer adventures this way. It's much easier, plus a bit more fun then keeping a diary. Documenting my days also tends to give me a different perspective on life. Most teenagers, (including myself) seem to find the glum side of everything that happens, but really there's always something special in any just have to look for it. 
Kind of like today. 
Today started off kind of, well, boring. I did the usual- stretch, grab cell phone, check time, then roll over and  go back to sleep routine. Geez, it's Saturday. It's Summer. Who cares it's 10:37 and you're still in bed? 
Oh, right, my mom cares.
So I got out of bed.
And ate pie. 
Technically, I didn't eat pie for breakfast, though, because...well, it was already almost lunch time, and mom says if you eat all of your lunch, it doesn't matter if you eat dessert first. 


After a morning (more like noon, seeing I had slept most of the morning away) of milling around my room and returning a long avoided list of missed phone calls, I discovered my camera looking a little lonely in the corner. I remembered something my previous photography teacher said about finding and capturing the beautiful in the little things. Call it a bit of inspiration, but I've been continuously snapping numerous shots of any and everything today. 
It's okay though, my siblings don't mind me shoving my long nosed camera into their plate of half eaten peanut butter and jelly crust. 
For some reason I couldn't find anything beautiful about that, though.

There is something beautiful about being in the kitchen, listening to quiet music while your sibling giggle over a card game, rolling out cookies and snapping almonds, the smell of vanilla, the heat of the stove, the sunshine in the windows. There really is beauty there. The beauty of touch, of smell, of sight, of just pure living.


Sometimes I forget just how blessed I am.